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N2 website on iPad - Mockup
Insight into the N2 assembly process – Site Manager, Johan Pettersson, shares a peek preview

With this article we would like to give you some insight into the assembly process of our N2 Units. The N2 Units are produced...

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Want to Learn the Application Methods of Our Nitrogen Enriched Organic Fertiliser (NEO)?

N2 Applied has developed a technology that enables local production of nitrogen fertiliser using only air, electricity and a...

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How Can Farmers Reduce the Need for Chemical Fertilisers With Improved Slurry?

Today society is dependent on chemical fertilisers to produce enough food for the growing population. However, the production...

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N2 Applied’s innovation can contribute to reducing ammonia emissions on your farm
Anthropogenic ammonia emissions have increased steadily, in tandem with the growing agricultural output. The rising concern...

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