N2 Applied’s innovation can contribute to reducing ammonia emissions on your farm

By Helen Due
Business Development Officer at N2 Applied
Anthropogenic ammonia emissions have increased steadily, in tandem with the growing agricultural output. The rising concern about the negative effects from ammonia emissions now calls for mitigatory measures. N2 Applied’s technology has a unique ability to significantly eliminate ammonia loss on your farm and rather convert it into valuable nitrogen fertiliser.

This article is an introduction to a factsheet that describes why this issue is important and how N2 Applied’s innovation is a major solution to the problem. You can download the factsheet, for free by clicking here.

Ammonia emissions in the farm cycle

Did you know that a significant amount of nitrogen in livestock manure is lost as ammonia?

Nitrogen is essential to life and a vital nutrient for plant and crop growth. From grass, cows consume a great amount of nitrogen. A majority of this nitrogen ends up in the livestock manure. However, at the point in the farm cycle when manure is used to fertilise crops, a significant amount of nitrogen has been lost and never reaches the new crops. A majority of this nitrogen is lost as ammonia to air. Ammonia released to air has adverse negative environmental effects and creates a bad odour. Additionally, ammonia is a major source of air pollution globally, as ammonia contributes to the formation of fine particulate matter, PM 2.5, which is detrimental to human health.

N2 Applied’s solution

N2 Applied has developed a unit, which is placed on the farm, that enables farmers to produce renewable fertiliser locally, using only air, electricity and livestock slurry or other organic substrates. More specifically, the technology takes nitrogen straight from air and adds this to the slurry, increasing the nitrogen content and improving the fertiliser value. Another important result of the process is the transformation of free ammonia to a stable form of nitrogen, stopping the loss of ammonia from livestock manure.

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Farm impact

As a farmer, the ammonia loss represents a direct loss of valuable nutrients. The farmer needs to supplement with extra nitrogen from chemical fertilisers, which entails both a major unnecessary fertilizer cost for the farmer.

By investing in the N2 solution the precision of farmer operations will improve. In addition, there is no longer a need to acquire chemical nitrogen fertilisers, as N2 Applied enriches the resources with plant-available nitrogen. The result is a circular and organic fertilization process locally on the farm. The impact of our product has been verified by renowned research institutions such as ADAS (UK) and Stellenbosch University (South Africa).

If you want to learn more about the chemistry and trials of our NEO fertiliser, confirming ammonia alleviation, download our factsheet by clicking here or the image below.


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