N2 Applied’s “Marvellous Magic” Features in BBC’s Fertiliser Week

By Helen Due
Business Development Officer at N2 Applied

BBC Farming Today, the top agricultural show in the UK, this week featured N2 Applied as part of its ‘Fertiliser Week’, which saw the morning breakfast programme focus on the issues and challenges facing food producers because of the rising cost of chemical fertilisers


N2 Applied was featured as a breakthrough company that produces sustainable fertiliser using on-farm using livestock manure, giving farmers more independence from chemical fertiliser.

Listen to the show here: BBC Farming Audio 


BBC Radio 4’s Howard Shannon travelled to Holly Green Farm in the UK to see the N2 Unit in action, and spoke to Robert Shaw, N2 Director of Business Development, and Neil Dyson, from the pilot farm, about the tangible benefits for both the farmer and the environment. Neil talked Howard through the “marvellous magic” performed by N2’s plasma treatment technology and the operational advantages the farm has experienced since the N2 Unit was installed.


In his view, as the farm has solar panels installed and so can primarily power the N2 Unit with solar electricity, the soaring cost of chemical fertilisers over the past year make the N2 Unit a cost-effective addition to the farm’s infrastructure, with broader environmental benefits achieved too.


The technology is now set to be adopted on livestock farms through N2 Applied’s strategic partnership with GEA, while N2 is exploring broader fertiliser applications beyond beef and dairy having been awarded further investment funding.

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Listen to the show here: BBC Farming Audio



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