Nitrogen – Will the Farm to Fork Strategy Manage to Cut Nutrient Losses? [Video interview 2/2]

By Trond Lund & Kåre Gunnar Fløystad
We had a chat with Mr. Nitrogen himself, Prof. Mark Sutton, about his thoughts on the new Farm to Fork strategy and ambitions to half nutrient losses.

The air consists of 78% nitrogen, we breathe and eat it all the time as it forms protein in our diet. While it is a vital element and essential for plant growth, excess nitrogen is major source for environmental pollution. EU has taken up the goal proposed on the UN Ocean Conference 2018 to half nitrogen waste, and in the newly proposed Farm to Fork strategy suggested to half all nutrition losses.

"It’s clear that this is something we really need to get serious about." Prof. Mark Sutton

Professor Mark Sutton is an environmental physicist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Edinburgh and Director of Towards INMS. He is chair of the International Nitrogen Initiaitive (INI), co-chair of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN) and reckoned as one of the leading experts on nitrogen issues in the world. In short, he is known as ‘Mr. Nitrogen’.

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You can also follow Mr. Sutton on Twitter at @MarkNitrogen


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