Nitrogen – the Godfather of Pollution? [Video interview 1/2]

By Trond Lund & Kåre Gunnar Fløystad
We had a chat with Mr. Nitrogen himself, Prof. Mark Sutton.

Nitrogen is everywhere around us – we breathe it in all the time. It is an essential element for crop growth and forms the DNA in our body. It is also a source for environmental pollution, and its effects are closely linked to other environmental issues. The awareness and knowledge about the subject however, is not as comprehensive as other issues, so we had a chat with Mr. Nitrogen himself, Prof. Mark Sutton

Nitrogen is like the ‘Godfather’ of pollution: you see the results, but you don’t see the Godfather". Prof. Mark Sutton

Professor Mark Sutton is an environmental physicist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH) in Edinburgh and Director of Towards INMS. He is chair of the International Nitrogen Initiaitive (INI), co-chair of the Task Force on Reactive Nitrogen (TFRN) and reckoned as one of the leading experts on nitrogen issues in the world. In short, he is known as ‘Mr. Nitrogen’.

We had a chat with him about the Global Nitrogen Challenge, the UNEP Colombo Declaration, policy initiatives regarding nitrogen and the connection between our food systems and nitrogen pollution.

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Part 1 – Nitrogen and pollution (8 min.)

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